Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 02 March 2011 Comments Off

If I say that ‘True Grit’ is pretty much a perfect movie, it’s not so much that I’m placing it in some imaginary canon of great films, or saying that it’s impossible to improve upon, merely that it has all the elements you might want in a visit to the cinema, and that all those [...]

By Stephen Lavington on 18 August 2004 Comments Off

The second outing for cinema’s most deadly amnesiac (aside from Jackie Chan in ‘Who Am I?’) and, entertaining though it is, the character is already settling into formula conventions as comfortable as any seen in a Bond film.

By Stephen Lavington on 15 September 2002 Comments Off

Spy films tend to follow the style of one of three writers – John le Carre, Tom Clancy or Ian Fleming.