Shiny Shelf
By Mags L Halliday on 16 April 2010 4 COMMENTS

‘Ashes to Ashes’ is not a great TV drama. It’s enjoyable, and a pleasant lightweight watch for the weekend. But it’s not a great police procedural series, and it’s not an overly complex mystery series.

By Eddie Robson on 25 June 2006 Comments Off

It’s perhaps unfortunate that ‘Fear Her’ comes straight after ‘Love & Monsters’ in this season, because after an episode in the company of Elton, stuck on ‘the slow path’, what we could really do with is a big old cosmic epic…

By Jim Smith on 25 January 2006 Comments Off

Okay, it’s ‘nail your colours to the mast by typing out your stupid theory’ time.

By Mags L Halliday on 12 January 2006 1 COMMENT

Time-travel is the new reality TV…