Shiny Shelf
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One late Christmas Eve Ebenezeer Scrooge was visited by three spirits who showed him things from the past, the present and the Yet To Come. This is like that, but with three reviewers & Shiny’s usual pop culture nonsense. Merry Christmas.

By Stephen Lavington on 29 July 2010 Comments Off

‘Inception’ is not a film without flaws. It is a spiritual successor to ‘The Matrix’, with all the positives and negatives that implies.

By Stephen Lavington on 19 February 2003 Comments Off

This film is best known for marking Michael Caine’s darkest hour and, as bee expert Brad Crane (“of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton.”) it’s pretty dark.

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At this film’s London Film Festival premiere, director Phillip Noyce denied rumours of problems with its North American distribution. It appears that these press reports originated in protests at test screenings conducted in New York…

By Jim Smith on 27 August 2002 Comments Off

The Italian Job is the most visible and enduring cultural icon of England’s post-1966 World Cup triumphalism; a caper movie which brings together a height-of-his-powers Michael Caine and a magnificently dry Noel Coward…

By Eddie Robson on 13 August 2002 Comments Off

Dylan Moran… and Michael Caine. This, for me, is a dream team if ever there was one.

By Jim Smith on 23 July 2002 Comments Off

A film like Goldmember almost defies review. It’s so like its predecessors in terms of style and humour that it’s difficult to say something which isn’t entirely redundant.