Shiny Shelf
By Mags L Halliday on 31 August 2010 3 COMMENTS

I don’t know about you, but I never expect good things from a film with Clive Owen in it.

By Jim Smith on 09 August 2010 1 COMMENT

The renaissance in both the quality and the number of war comics which have been available in recent years owes a great deal to the work of Garth Ennis, who has almost single handedly revived the genre.

By Stephen Lavington on 20 January 2010 1 COMMENT

Jackie Brown-shirt or G-rhine-dhouse?

By Mark Clapham on 21 February 2007 Comments Off

The Thunderbolts get a new creative direction, while Zemo gets his own book…

By Jim Smith on 16 October 2005 Comments Off

I have a somewhat chequered history with Mark Millar’s work. ‘Superman: Red Son’ has, I think, the authentic touch of creative inspiration to it, but I really dislike ‘The Ultimates’.

By Jim Smith on 12 January 2005 Comments Off

It’s been a long road, as the (always frankly brilliant) theme song to ‘Enterprise’ goes, but the fifth ‘Star Trek’ TV show is finally something to write home about.

By Eddie Robson on 30 November 2004 Comments Off

Only a naive writer would attempt to write this comic without considering what Cap’s words and deeds might mean in a wider sense. The character represents America, but whose America?

By Mark Clapham on 10 September 2004 Comments Off

There are loose adaptations and there are faithful adaptations, and then there’s ‘Hellboy’, a film that seems to just rip Mike Mignola’s comic off the page and glue it on to the screen…

By J Clive Matthews on 19 August 2004 Comments Off

This is the original film version of ‘Cabaret’, in as much as it is based on the play that was based on the book on which the Liza Minelli musical classic was itself based.

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 13 April 2004 Comments Off

It’s hard to objectively review what some have called ‘Braindead Meets The Life of Brian’, the film that is to Mel Gibson what ‘Battlefield: Earth’ was to John Travolta…

By Mark Clapham on 25 October 2003 Comments Off

They need a big box just to fit that title on…

By Jim Smith on 17 September 2003 Comments Off

The peril of Cap in this modern world is that he invites moral absolutism. Stuck on that unfortunate line between self-pride and Nationalism as he is, he inspires both love and hatred and perhaps divides critics and readers more than any other character.


By Stephen Lavington on 10 July 2003 Comments Off

The criticism that a work of art might, whether intentionally or not, make Adolf Hitler ‘more human’ is a powerful one. That ‘Max’ avoids this is a small triumph.