Shiny Shelf
By Lance Parkin on 07 December 2007 Comments Off

Can you see the Northern Lights still?

By Iain Hepburn on 20 February 2004 Comments Off

After all the talk surrounding Lars Von Trier’s experiment in cinematic minimalism, you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘Dogville’ was some unique piece of film shining in the multiplex firmament, rather than an overlong stage play without sets…

By J Clive Matthews on 22 February 2003 Comments Off

I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything of Virginia Woolf’s, and know very little about her complicated personal life or her history of mental illness.

By Eddie Robson on 21 September 2002 Comments Off

Have you seen this yet? You haven’t? Well, grab a copy and watch it smartish, before somebody gives away the ending.

By Mark Clapham on 15 May 2002 Comments Off

Moulin Rouge comes from the school of thought that historical periods are merely a form of set dressing – here it is story and theme that are key. Historical details are just part of a wider fiction.