Shiny Shelf
By Eddie Robson on 27 July 2006 Comments Off

Wonder Woman is one of those characters whom nobody has ever really got right…

By Jim Smith on 03 May 2006 Comments Off

The fist issue of ‘Ion’ finds erstwhile ‘Green Lantern’ (that title now belongs to a 70s retro mass-murderer) Kyle Rayner both on his own and in his own book again.

By Jim Smith on 16 March 2006 Comments Off

‘Green Arrow’ has been one of DC’s best, and most consistent, titles since its Kevin Smith-penned relaunch back in the dim and distant.

By Jim Smith on 06 March 2006 Comments Off

Paul Levitz is a smart writer of comic books and, on this form, he’s been away from that game for far, far too long…

By Mark Clapham on 03 March 2006 Comments Off

It’s ‘One Year Later’ in Gotham, and everything new is old again…