Shiny Shelf
By Stephen Lavington on 30 April 2010 3 COMMENTS

I’ve written before of the importance of timing to political comedies. ‘The Ghost’ goes to show that the same can hold true of political thrillers.
When published in 2007, Robert Harris’ ‘The Ghost’ still had topical punch. Tony Blair had just stood down after 6 years of Iraq, Afghanistan and post-September 11 intelligence and torture controversies.
Harris’ [...]

By Jim Smith on 12 October 2005 Comments Off

Have we now gone so far down the ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ route that we’ll cheer something that’s manifestly dreadful because it might hurt someone we don’t like?

By Jim Smith on 25 February 2004 Comments Off

Not John Prescott? Yeah, and Charles Foster Kane wasn’t William Randolph Hurst.

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