Shiny Shelf
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One late Christmas Eve Ebenezeer Scrooge was visited by three spirits who showed him things from the past, the present and the Yet To Come. This is like that, but with three reviewers & Shiny’s usual pop culture nonsense. Merry Christmas.

By Jim Smith on 05 January 2006 Comments Off

The beginning of a new series of ‘Just A Minute’ is always a cause for small celebrations.

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If 2004 was, as we said at the time, the year of late arrivals and revivals, 2005 was a year of completing, and contrasting, circles.

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James Dean died in a fatal automobile accident fifty years ago this week.

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It’s impossible, in Britain, to have a debate about policing without someone invoking the spectral presence of George Dixon as the image of all that was right with policing in some dim and indistinct nostalgic past.

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I should add ‘Trust Dirk’ to my ‘Trust Joss’, ‘Trust George’ and ‘Trust Grant’ mantras because he’s quite clearly the kind of guy whose work never lets you down.

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A little belated, this review, as the CD came out last November – but as it didn’t exactly emerge in a blaze of publicity, allow us to build a little hype…