Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 23 May 2012 Comments Off

… or, to give it the full title on the inside of the book, ‘Smallville: Season 11′ #1.

By Mark Clapham on 23 July 2010 Comments Off

Now into its ninth and penultimate season, belated showing on E4 in the UK, ‘Smallville’ is definitely not fresh produce.

By Mark Clapham on 25 November 2008 Comments Off

Young Doomsdays in love.

By Mark Clapham on 14 October 2003 Comments Off

Old ‘Superboy’ comics are rubbish. The ‘Superboy’ TV series is rubbish. Prequels are usually rubbish. So why is ‘Smallville’ actually good?

By Jim Smith on 29 April 2003 Comments Off

‘Rush’ demonstrates, conveniently, all the strengths and weaknesses of the series as a whole and is thus a fine example of the series to pick in isolation.

By Jim Smith on 20 February 2003 Comments Off

While I enjoyed the first season of ‘Smallville’ I felt that its origins as a purpose-built ‘Buffy’ replacement were somewhat to in evidence…

By Mark Clapham on 09 February 2003 Comments Off

Some things are worth travelling for. Take this first Smallville DVD release, for instance, which is only technically available in Canada. It’s well worth finding a friendly importer to get your hands on one…