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By Julio Angel Ortiz on 16 September 2011 Comments Off

You know, as a comic book fan, this is one of the most exciting times  to ever strike the industry.
No matter what side of the fence you fall on – whether Marvel, DC, or indie – there’s plenty of stuff to enjoy right now.
DC has relaunched their entire brand, Marvel is relaunching their Ultimate Comics [...]

By Jim Smith on 10 September 2010 Comments Off

Let me be clear from the off, this is a very high quality comic. It’s very well written and exceptionally well drawn.

By Mark Clapham on 13 May 2010 1 COMMENT

Written by the highly respected Jason Aaron and drawn by superstar artist Adam Kubert, ‘Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine’ is a fun, frothy stand-alone adventure for Marvel’s two most popular heroes.

By Jim Smith on 01 January 2008 Comments Off

I’ve been a big fan of JMS’ ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ since it began and one of the things I liked, no loved, about it was his portrayal of the real and enduring love between Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane.

By Jim Smith on 18 May 2007 Comments Off

‘Spider-Man 3’ does not reach the giddying heights achieved by it immediate predecessor, but nor does it crash and burn it any appreciable sense.

By Jim Smith on 11 May 2007 Comments Off

The release of ‘Spider-Man 3’ a film described by one of Shiny’s writers as ‘an argument against unlimited free speech as compelling as ‘shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre’, has provoked a lot of silly comments about second sequels.

By Jim Smith on 17 August 2005 Comments Off

The Pulse #10, Spider-Man: House of M, and The Incredible Hulk #83-85.

By Mark Clapham on 28 November 2004 Comments Off

The Marvel universe is a busy, complicated place. This is clearly an attempt to create a fun, entry-level book to the wider Marvel universe for readers only really familiar with the big characters…

By Mark Clapham on 21 July 2004 Comments Off

Sam Raimi’s first ‘Spider-Man’ movie was an almost perfect comic book movie. The sequel removes that niggling ‘almost’…

By Mark Clapham on 16 April 2004 Comments Off

Well, here’s something unique – a Mark Millar book that’s better written than it is drawn. Which is not to say that this is a brilliant script, merely that the art is worse…

By Mark Clapham on 22 February 2004 Comments Off

Another week, another Marvel comic with Spidey on the cover but not in the actual story…

By Mark Clapham on 30 November 2003 Comments Off

One famous issue number, six revamps of old Marvel properties… and two sexy superspies soaring to stardom.

By Jim Smith on 21 July 2003 Comments Off

In what sense this Bendis scripted Spidey centric treat is ‘Ultimate X-Men’ rather than, as it seems, ‘Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Volume 2′, is so unclear as to be opaque.

By Mark Clapham on 08 May 2003 Comments Off

This book has always been the lesser of the Spidey titles…

By Jim Smith on 31 March 2003 Comments Off

JMS’ run on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ has been consistently superb and the latest issue – #51 in new money, #492 in old – marks the beginning of a new arc in the book. It is thus a great jumping on point for all you slack-jawed stragglers.

By Eddie Robson on 08 February 2003 Comments Off

Whilst this title started promisingly, one can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed by ‘Team-Up’.

By Mark Clapham on 09 August 2002 Comments Off

Among all the mega-epics of Marvel’s current output, here’s a one-shot by two new talents that’s so low key it could easily pass you by. That would be a shame – while Spider-Man/Daredevil isn’t going to change lives, it’s a good character study.

By Eddie Robson on 17 June 2002 Comments Off

As I left the cinema, I found myself accosted by a reporter from a local radio station, wanting to know what I thought of Spider-Man. I’m not great at off-the-cuff comment…

By Lance Parkin on 15 June 2002 Comments Off

Computer graphics have revolutionised cinema, allowing a screen to look exactly like the director wants it to, with a fraction of the expense or logistical challenges that would have meant even ten years ago…

By Jim Smith on 12 June 2002 Comments Off

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man is a first class summer movie which takes both the essence and the details of the Lee/Ditko creation and does interesting and entertaining things with them.

By Jim Smith on 12 June 2002 Comments Off

The thirtieth issue of this new numbering of Marvel’s original Spidey series saw Babylon 5 creator J Michael Straczynski take over the scripting.

By Mark Clapham on 12 June 2002 Comments Off

The most Amazing thing about this Spider-Man is that, after years of development and numerous creative hands, the movie has emerged as such a coherent and controlled vision of the character…

By Mark Clapham on 12 June 2002 Comments Off

Here’s a real shocker – an attempt to revive Spider-Man as a comics property that actually worked!