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‘Conviction’, written by ‘Star Wars’ veteran novelist Aaron Allston, is the seventh in the nine-book ‘Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi’ series.

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The inaugural issue to the new era for ‘Star Wars’ brought to us by John Ostrander, Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 08 February 2012 1 COMMENT

This new series is brought to us from the same team responsible for the ‘Star Wars: Legacy’ comic book series, John Ostrander (writer) and Jan Duursema (artist).

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The latest chapter in the Star Wars saga arrives this week at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World as Star Tours: The Adventures Continue blasts off to all new destinations.
Replacing the old 1980s Star Tours ride, which took passengers on an aborted flight to Endor (and can still be seen at Disneyland Paris), the [...]

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The fundamental story-telling problem with the ‘Star Wars: the Clone Wars’ is that the end is already locked down. It has to end with the characters in place for ‘Revenge of the Sith’.

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‘Death Troopers’ is an interesting experiment in the ‘Star Wars’ literature canon.

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Our hero is a farmboy, raised in a desert by his Uncle. He meets an old comrade of his Father’s who tells him his Dad died a hero and that he should follow in his footsteps… sound familiar, at all?

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The release of ‘Spider-Man 3’ a film described by one of Shiny’s writers as ‘an argument against unlimited free speech as compelling as ‘shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre’, has provoked a lot of silly comments about second sequels.

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If 2004 was, as we said at the time, the year of late arrivals and revivals, 2005 was a year of completing, and contrasting, circles.

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The most notable feature of the disc is the transfer which is one of the first live-action films to be sourced directly from the digital files, with no telecine or film prints involved whatsoever. This gives a clarity and crispness that, while greatly beneficial, only drives home that these films are really meant to be [...]

By Eddie Robson on 13 August 2005 Comments Off

A recent story claiming that British films were doing very well, and partly attributed this to the success of the latest Harry Potter film. Would this be the same Harry Potter film made by the long-established Hollywood studio Warner Bros.?

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It’s only logical that ‘Sith’ has the same strengths and weaknesses as its five stable mates. It’s the product of the same hands, working with the same tools, after all.

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Aaaah, do you remember the bad old days of Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies? Somnambulistic actors, insultingly deabsed versions of beloved characters and only the sight of Alicia Silverstone in a grey pleated miniskirt to keep one awake?

By Lance Parkin on 21 May 2005 Comments Off

It’s fast, it’s loud, it’s melodramatic, it’s gory, it’s a rollercoaster
ride, it’s packed with eye candy, kids will lap it up and if you don’t
realise those are all good things, you shouldn’t be going to the movies in
the first place.

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Lucasfilm always put out good DVDs, the ‘Willow’ edition of last year was impressively lavish given the film’s utterly unloved status and here at shinyshelf we fully expect the three disc boxed edition of the Ewok TV movies to be announced any day now.

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What rocked Shiny’s world in the last twelve months? The answers are unlikely to surprise you.

By Shiny Shelf on 29 December 2004 Comments Off

I hate this sort of thing. I should probably be disqualified from commenting on comics this year on account of only really reading ‘Astonishing X-Men’. Likewise my lit reading is woefully behind with only ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’ being published in 2004. I very nearly [...]

By Lance Parkin on 24 September 2004 Comments Off

Trailers for movies and blurbs on the back of the DVDs often throw around superlatives. The ‘Star Wars’ boxset is almost self-effacing.

By Jim Smith on 22 September 2004 Comments Off

This boxset – nice and shiny with four amaray cases with uniformly bad covers inside it – contains two five star movies and one four-and-a-half star movie which, between them, constitute half of cinema’s premiere own-generated property.

By Jim Smith on 07 April 2004 Comments Off

Watching ‘Clone Wars’ gives me an understanding of why people inject hard drugs. It makes me insanely happy for three minutes – and then I want to do it again.

By Lance Parkin on 20 November 2003 Comments Off

The gap between ‘Star Wars’ movies is being filled by the usual mixed bag of toys, books, games and comics. Perhaps the most ambitious, or at least the most novel, is the ‘Clone Wars’ animated series…

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 21 May 2002 Comments Off

Attack of the Clones has a constant sense of pace, of events rushing ahead faster than the characters realise, of things getting closer and closer to the terifying conclusion we all know is coming….

By Eddie Robson on 19 May 2002 Comments Off

The new Star Wars is excellent, but it’s also long, dark and schizophrenic… If the prequel trilogy had been made and released first, would Star Wars be as popular as it is today? Did Lucas plan it this way?

By Jim Smith on 15 May 2002 Comments Off

Only time and repeated viewing will tell us whether Attack of the Clones is a better film that its predecessors. The one thing which is certain is that it’s significantly stranger.