Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 23 September 2010 Comments Off

I think the rise and fall of the WildStorm Universe titles (cancelled as of December 2010) tells us something about the role that novelty, rebellion and that nebulous, ‘Wizard’ magazine-backed idea of ‘Hotness’ plays in the comics industry.

By Jim Smith on 21 October 2006 Comments Off

Well, I never expected that.

By Mark Clapham on 20 February 2004 Comments Off

A tale of two series: one faded bestseller, and one under-selling critical hit. Can this crossover revive the fortunes of both?

By Abigail Twitch on 01 April 2003 Comments Off

Robbie Morrison becomes the first writer to leave no mark at all on the once mighty ‘The Authority’ this month.

By Jim Smith on 23 May 2002 Comments Off

I don’t usually like reiterating TS Eliot’s beautiful clich? concerning bangs and whimpers, but it is particularly relevant to this, the final issue of ‘The Authority’.