Shiny Shelf
By Alex Fitch on 21 June 2012 Comments Off

Slickly made, the film is captivating in its set pieces which utilise 3D post-production well, including a duel between Abe and a vampire in the midst of a horse stampede and recreations of battles during the civil war…

By Mark Clapham on 15 December 2006 Comments Off

The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a late relic of stop motion animation, an art now almost entirely eradicated by CG animation…

By Shiny Shelf on 01 January 2006 Comments Off

As 2006 begins, now is the last chance we’ll have to round-up all those things that Shiny Shelf should have reviewed in 2005 but, due to the constraints of time and competence, didn’t get around to. ..

By Jim Smith on 15 May 2002 Comments Off

The most offensive thing about Planet of the Apes is that it is absolutely guilty of all of the cinematic crimes that critics accuse other, largely innocent, blockbusters of -