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By Alex Fitch on 13 April 2012 1 COMMENT

An enormously entertaining horror comedy; ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ updates the fantasy horror genre as seen in films like the Evil Dead trilogy for knowing modern audiences.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 13 March 2012 Comments Off

‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’ is a compelling hour of television that falters under Rick’s continued half-hearted character arc.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 09 March 2012 Comments Off

‘18 Miles Out’ is a taut drama that allows some long-simmering tensions to bubble to the surface at last.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 01 March 2012 Comments Off

Thankfully, ‘Triggerfinger’ wraps up the ‘what-happened-to-Lori’ arc, for those of you keeping score at home.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 21 February 2012 Comments Off

‘Nebraska’ kicks off the mid-season of series 2 of ‘The Walking Dead’.

By Mark Clapham on 17 March 2011 Comments Off

To my surprise, ‘Being Human’ creator Toby Whithouse managed to not only provide a satisfying conclusion to a season I’ve had mixed feelings about with this episode, but also retroactively fix a lot of my issues with the season as a whole.
By the end of ‘The Wolf-Shaped Bullet’ I was left feeling optimistic about the [...]

By Sarah Jane Vespertine on 17 November 2010 Comments Off

Day Three of Grimm Up North 2010: Evil in the Time of Heroes, The Pack, and Amer.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 12 November 2010 Comments Off

‘Guts’ is an entertaining episode, which lacks the strength of the premiere but concentrates on action.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 05 November 2010 Comments Off

‘The Walking Dead’ comic has always primarily been about the characters, with the zombies providing a background.

By Mark Clapham on 04 September 2010 Comments Off

Comics love arbitrary numbering milestones, and if there’s one advantage of a weekly publication schedule it’s that those big numbers roll around four times as fast as they do for US monthlies.

By Eddie Robson on 17 June 2010 2 COMMENTS

Something different this Thursday – our first webcomic. Younger Looking Flesh was written by Eddie Robson and drawn by Ant Mercer, both of the Lancaster creative mafia.
There’s not a huge amount to say about the creative process. It’s about zombies and it’s only two pages long. Just read it. Click here.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 05 March 2010 Comments Off

‘Death Troopers’ is an interesting experiment in the ‘Star Wars’ literature canon.

By Mark Clapham on 03 February 2009 Comments Off

100% Milla free.

By Mark Clapham on 29 October 2008 Comments Off

The loneliness of the post apocalyptic production runner.

By Mark Clapham on 03 July 2008 Comments Off

Forty years on from ‘Night of the Living Dead’, writer/director George A Romero has still got it…

By Mark Clapham on 02 March 2008 Comments Off

The film series of Capcom’s zombie franchise lurches towards competent film-making.

By Mark Clapham on 07 March 2007 Comments Off

Remove the head or destroy the brain: ‘Plague of the Living Dead’, ‘When Zombies Attack!!’ #2 and ‘The Walking Dead’ #35.

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By Shiny Shelf on 01 January 2006 Comments Off

As 2006 begins, now is the last chance we’ll have to round-up all those things that Shiny Shelf should have reviewed in 2005 but, due to the constraints of time and competence, didn’t get around to. ..

By Mark Clapham on 10 December 2005 Comments Off

At last, a comic for people who want to see Captain America walking around carrying half his brain in his hand…

By Mark Clapham on 03 October 2005 Comments Off

It is a relief to announce that, yes, George A. Romero still has what it takes. ‘Land of the Dead’ is a worthy sequel to Romero’s three previous zombie movies,while being a great contemporary horror movie in its own right…

By Mark Clapham on 16 July 2005 Comments Off

Frank Cho is known as a creator who draws sexy characters, such as the female leads in ‘Liberty Meadows’ and ‘Shanna’…

By Stephen Lavington on 05 January 2005 Comments Off

What rocked Shiny’s world in the last twelve months? The answers are unlikely to surprise you.

By Mark Clapham on 09 October 2004 Comments Off

As an obsessive ‘Resident Evil’ player, I feel less like a reviewer and more like a guest academic, wheeled in to provide learned analysis on how this movie fits in with the wider context of ‘RE’ lore. Turn to page 11 in your workbook now…

By Mark Clapham on 15 September 2004 Comments Off

Sometimes the good stuff really does win out…

By Mark Clapham on 14 May 2004 Comments Off

It’s a good year for zombies. There’s ‘Shaun of the Dead’, the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ remake, a stumbling mob of forthcoming ‘Resident Evil’ games – and then there’s this comic, which has both a trade paperback and a new issue out this week…

By Mark Clapham on 24 April 2004 Comments Off

An undead Mexican wrestler? It’s hard to see how a concept that good could go wrong. Unfortunately, it’s such a good concept that it’s even harder to do it full justice…

By Eddie Robson on 17 April 2004 Comments Off

We haven’t seen a British film like this since ‘Trainspotting’…

By Mark Clapham on 16 April 2004 Comments Off

Zack Snyder’s remake of George Romero’s original ‘Dawn of the Dead’ keeps faith with the original by the simple method of doing something completely different…

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 05 November 2002 Comments Off

The creative partnership of director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland is renewed with ‘28 Days Later…’